Jules verne research paper

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Biography of Jules Verne

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Professionally written papers on this topic: Jules Verne/Around the World in Eighty Days A 3 page book review that describes Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days. US/Canadian Missiles and Launch Vehicles; 1/ scale; Snark, Sanwa/Tokyo Plamo #1 Snark, Sanwa/Tokyo Plamo # 1/ scale; Regulus II, Sanwa/Tokyo Plamo #3.

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Dan Thompson scratch-built a Nautilus model in the s. He based it on photos of Harper Goff's Disney creation, but adhered to the dimensions stated in Jules Verne's text. Dan captured most of the Goff details, remarkable considering the minimal references he had, but stretched the hull to Verne's full proportional length.

Verne's niece, Marguerite Allotte de la Fuye, published a biography based partly on family papers, Jules Verne (; trans. ).

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Kenneth Allott, Jules Verne (), is a full biography with critical appraisal of Verne.

Jules verne research paper
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