How much electricity charge can a

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Here’s how to tell how much your computer costs in electricity

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What’s the average gas bill and average electricity bill in the UK?

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understanding your bill

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How much does it cost to charge a phone, tablet or laptop?

Calculating the average gas and electricity bill across the UK is difficult as it depends on a variety of factors. However, according to energy market regulator Ofgem, the average dual fuel variable tariff as of April is £ per month, or £1, a year.

The TDSP fee is an additional charge that pays for the use and maintenance of the infrastructure (i.e. power lines, etc.) used to deliver your electricity.

These are monthly fees that REPs like Amigo Energy pass onto you in your bill on behalf of your TDSP. Your electricity supplier uses this unit of energy to work out how much they should charge you on your energy bill.

On average, somebody who uses a relatively small amount of energy in small household of one or two people, will consume roughly two thousand kWhs of electricity per year and roughly nine thousand kWhs of gas per year.

The Renault Twizy, for instance, can manage 62 miles officially, or just over 50 miles in some review tests, on one charge while the Nissan Leaf can do officially, or just over miles in.

To get a better idea how much your electricity costs, consult your electricity bill. It’s different for everyone. For example, in Kentucky you could be paying $ per kWh, but in Hawaii, you could have a steeper $ per kWh.

How much electricity charge can a
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