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Chapter 3 Dietary Fiber 1Instructor: Dr. May Hamdan.

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Dietary Fiber, Prebiotics, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dietary fiber, or fiber, is sometimes referred to as “roughage.” It is a type of carbohydrate found in plant foods and is made up of many sugar molecules linked together. But unlike other carbohydrates (such as starch), dietary fiber is bound together in such a way that.

Appendix 1 Food Sources of Dietary Fiber

Dietary Fiber Ingredients. Expanding Options for Meeting Dietary Fiber Recommendations. Learning Objectives. Define consensus recommendations for dietary fiber intakes.

Describe the three major mechanisms through which dietary fiber provides physiological benefits for human health.

Chapter 3 Dietary Fiber 1Instructor: Dr. May Hamdan.

Major Sources of Dietary Fiber in the U.S. Food Supply, vs. Contributions of grains to dietary fiber were stable at 36 percent; contributions of vegetables decreased from 28 to 25 percent.

Dietary Fiber, Prebiotics, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Dietary fiber 1. Role of dietary fiber in treating and preventing diabetes H.M.C.P.K Herath 2. Introduction • diabetes is a rapid growing public health issue • million people worldwide are affected by diabetes • Prevention and controlling diabetes is important.

2 Types of fiber in the diet Fiber includes a number of chemical substances that have different physical properties and different physiological effects in the body. Most fibers are carbohydrates.

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Dietary fiber ppt
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Chapter 3 Dietary Fiber 1Instructor: Dr. May Hamdan. - ppt download