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All we need to do is act.


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Center for Biological Diversity. September • Nourished by Wildfire: The Ecological Benefits of the Rim Fire and the Threat of Salvage Logging. Center for Biological Diversity and John Muir Projejct, January • Deadly Waters: How Rising Seas Threaten Endangered Species.

Center for Biological Diversity. Journal of Biodiversity and Endangered Species discusses the latest research innovations and important developments in this field.

Free biodiversity papers, essays, and research papers. Conservation of Biodiversity in Cambodia - Assessment of Conservation of Biodiversity in Cambodia 1.

View Biodiversity Research Research Papers on for free. With scientific and societal interest in biodiversity impacts of climate change growing enormously over the last decade, we analysed directions and biases in the recent most highly cited data papers in this field of research (from to ).

The majority of this work relied on leveraging large databases of already collected historical information.

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